Urban Meyer: Free agency was “really good” despite misgivings

Urban Meyer’s transition to the NFL this offseason included acclimating himself to life with free agency, which marked a big change from the way Meyer recruited players at the college level.

Meyer said in March that the signing frenzy that occurs the moment free agency opens is “awful” because there’s no chance to meet with players to “find out the football intellect, find out their character” before deciding whether to sign them. That didn’t stop the Jaguars from signing a slew of free agents and Meyer revisited those comments on Monday.

Meyer’s had time to work with the new members of the team and said that has eased his initial misgivings about the way teams are built in the NFL.

“You start talking about whatever number of free agents we brought in here . . . they’re all going to contribute, they’ve all been really good for the locker room, really good for the team,” Meyer said, via the team’s website. “I know that it was something I was worried about — it’s been really good.”

Any final reckoning on the Jaguars’ moves will come on the field and shortcomings come the fall could lead Meyer to retreat back toward his earlier feelings about the free agency process, but he’s going to have to learn to live with the NFL’s way of doing business one way or the other.